From the Managers desk…

“I take every game as serious and I can – you can ask the players; to me there aren’t friendlies I just like winning every game that we play. If I walk up the stairs behind you, I’ll want to make it to the top before you do, that’s the sort of guy I am! Today wont be difficult for us going into the game to get the players up for the contest, it’s the fact that we’ll be going completely into the unknown as we know absolutely nothing against the team that we’ll be facing on Saturday afternoon. So that’s the difficult side of things but win lose or draw, its going to be a great day for everyone and I’m really, really looking forward to it as are all of the players.”

The build up to today has been different to normal as Terry happily admitted as he told us, “The media coverage has been incredible. I’ve had James Hand from BBC Jersey on the phone to me this week asking for my views on the game and that’s something that we don’t normally get in Ryman One North, so that’s nice and it will be nice to welcome James to the game and to thank him for the coverage. It does just show what a big game it is for everyone. We’ve tried to keep the player focused but as the day has got closer and closer so the excitement level within the dressing has grown. All the talk this week has been about today – we can only start with eleven today and so there will be some disappointed people come 3:00pm Saturday.”

“We thought long and hard about the skipper for the season but in the end Jack Hopkins despite being out with injury until Christmas time was a no brainer for club captain and he is “Mr Thamesmead” as he’s been here since he was a kid and is very popular with everyone. As for making Derek Duncan team skipper, the only thing that held us back a bit was the fact that he misses the first five games of the season with suspensions held over from last season but when we sat down and thought about it, Tony and I said that its only just over two weeks and Derek’s such a huge influence in the dressing room and all the players look up to him as we’ve seen again this pre season so in the end it really was another no brainer! And the thinking behind Richard Butler being vice captain is very similar to Derek in that he leads by example – he puts his head in where others don’t; he puts his foot in where others don’t; he’s a very likable character and so all the boys like him, so I think we’ve made the right choice there.”

From the BoardRoom


Last season was a year of two halves – one to forget and one that was much more memorable – and this year is another phase in the history of our great club. We certainly shocked our fellow teams a few teams and our relegation was very unfortunate. We deserved better in my opinion.

We moved into Sporting Club Thamesmead a year ago and it has been a challenging year off the field; a year of unpredictability. There have been a fair few administrative teething problems – our landlords were taken over by the Peabody Trust and all formal agreements had to be reassessed, amended and verified once again.

The final agreements have fortunately been reached and signed now, which should now enable the club to move forward with a secure foundation in place for on and off the field.

We have also relaunched a new club website for the start of the season, which will cover all areas of the club in time. We’re working on the content still but, unless it is kept up to date, it is a waste of time.

Hopefully Keith has managed to gel the team together for an enjoyable season. I hope we’ll be there or thereabouts in April but, as long as we give it our best, I can’t ask for any more.